Globe-Trotteurs's Value


Health & Security

The Health & Security of children are our priority in the daily work.


The joy of children is an emotion to cultivate.


The Learning of children is the source of growth.


We strongly believe that young children are eager to learn and master skills. Our educators strive to offer rich and varied programs to stimulate the natural curiosity of all children through playing.

Our educators use directed play to help children explore, develop and master their new cognitive, motor, emotional and social skills. They promote children’s desire to learn for themselves through a combination of free games and directed games.

We believe that children learn by doing or trying to do things themselves and not by being told what to do or by watching a person do things for them. We believe that this approach promotes the growth and creativity of children.

Learning is done in a progressive and playful way !

Learning in Playing


The GT indoor activities includ : LEGO workshop, Music time, Yoga, Themes of week, Festival shows, Birthday party, etc…

Globe-Trotteurs’s outdoor activities includ : public park pic-nic, mini soccer, Splis-Splash, Hopscotch, etc…

Field trip to the library, the farm,shows, etc.

Painting will  Improve children’s concentration, Sharpen fine motor skills and it’s also a good way to relax.

Music will Improves academi skills, develop physical skill,cultivates social skills, etc…

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Health & Security / Joy / Learning

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